A FedEx delivery truck. Photo via Pixabay
A FedEx delivery truck. Photo via Pixabay

If that FedEx package that was ordered for Christmas hasn’t arrived yet don’t worry, it will be there soon, the company promised Friday. In a last-minute move, FedEx Friday boosted its staffing to deliver packages that “absolutely, positively had to be there by Christmas.”

The shipping giant announced it will deliver packages Friday, and open counters at its express offices nationwide so customers can pick up their gifts themselves.

Household deliveries were given top priority.

Still, many angry customers vented their frustration about the late deliveries on Twitter using the hashtag #FedExFail.

The Memphis-headquartered American global courier delivery service blamed shipping delays on rough weather across the country, coupled with a last- minute surge of holiday shopping.

“We are continuing to make adjustments and do everything we can to minimize impact on our customers,” a FedEx spokeswoman told The Wall Street Journal.

Customers can find out if their delayed shipment is scheduled for delivery Friday, or available for pick up, by check at fedex.com or by calling 800-463-3339.

—City News Service

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