Southern California Gas Co. will offer free interior home cleaning for Porter Ranch-area residents who move out of temporary housing — which is being funded by the utility — and return to their homes, the company announced Friday.

Photo via Southern California Gas Co.
Gas Co. officials said the cleaning will be done to specifications set by a toxicologist. The cleaning will include carpets, counter tops, tables, flooring, furniture, windows and window sills. Furnace filters will also be replaced.

“We recognize that many residents remain relocated because they continue to have questions about the effects of dust and indoor air in their homes,” said Gillian Wright, vice president of customer services.

“We are pleased to offer this toxicologist-approved home cleaning service to address residents’ concerns and give them confidence that their homes are clean and ready for their return.”

The Gas Co. is still paying for temporary housing for thousands of residents who were displaced during the Aliso Canyon gas leak.

Although the temporary housing program was originally expected to end about a week after the leak was capped in mid-February, it has been repeatedly extended by courts. Most recently, a state appeals court ordered the company to continue paying for the temporary housing until at least Wednesday, when the court is expected to hear more arguments over the issue.

The Aliso Canyon gas leak was discovered Oct. 23. It was unofficially capped on Feb. 11, when a relief well intercepted the leaking one. The leak was declared sealed one week later after crews pumped cement through the relief well, cutting off the flow of gas.

Gas Co. officials insist there is no health hazard for residents, saying indoor air testing has shown no elevated levels of any harmful chemicals in the Porter Ranch area. But county and city officials have pushed for continued testing, saying residents should not be forced to return to their homes until they can be assured there is no threat of health problems.

Residents who opt to return to their homes and want to take advantage of the cleaning service should call (888) 314-7645. Gas Co. officials said the cleaning will address “volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds, metals and sulfur compounds on carpets, countertops, tables, flooring, furniture, windows and window sills.”

— City News Service

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