The Port of Los Angeles was cleared Wednesday to move forward with a $13 million program aimed at improving its efficiency and environmental efforts following approval by the City Council.

The first-of-its-kind program was approved with a 13-0 vote and developed with General Electric as a pilot program that began in November 2016 at one terminal. Officials say it will help port operators track shipments better and reduce the times trucks have to idle in the harbor by combining multiple computer data systems into a single one that is easier and quicker to use.

The port currently relies on so many different computer and data systems that truckers must log into multiple websites just to see where they need to drop an empty container. By streamlining the computer systems, officials say the Data Portal project will reduce greenhouse gasses and other pollutants while improving efficiency.

“These efficiency models also work with respect to what we are trying to do from an environmental stewardship standpoint, and in addition to the efficiencies created from this model, it will also have a return on the investment that the port and harbor are making with simple adjustments in how we move our cargo and share information with our partners,” Gene Serkola, executive director of the Port of L.A., told the council during a presentation.

The three-year deal with GE can be followed by a second two-year term and also outlines an agreement in which GE will share revenue with the Harbor Department as the product is licensed for use by other ports.

The port estimates that the $13 million project cost will be covered by reduced costs resulting from improved efficiency.

“This is exciting, innovative, and forward thinking,” said Councilman Joe Buscaino, who represents San Pedro and the port.

–City News Service

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