Marvel Studios founding Chairman David Maisel and media entrepreneur Scooter Braun Tuesday announced the formation of a new entertainment joint venture, Mythos Studios, which has acquired a 50 percent stake in Aspen Comics.

Mythos Studios has also acquired the entertainment rights for Aspen Comics’ intellectual property, including the artwork, characters and worlds created by its late founder, Michael Turner.

Mythos Studios has multiple projects in active development, including two based on Aspen Comics, Braun said.

One is inspired by the top selling comic book of 1998, Turner’s “Fathom,” which follows super-heroine Aspen Matthews, a marine biologist who embarks on a journey of self-discovery after finding out she has a mysterious background.

The second project in development, inspired by one of the top selling independent comic books of 2003, “Soulfire,” is centered around a time in the future with advanced technology but one where all magic has been lost. The story follows a boy named Malikai and a team of supernatural characters on a quest to bring magic back to the world and defeat the forces of evil.

“David’s experience of building some of the greatest franchises in film history during his tenure as founding chairman at Marvel Studios is invaluable and I’m excited to be partnering with him on this new venture,” Braun said.

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