The Los Angeles Board of Public Works awarded Loyola Marymount University with the first Platinum RecycLA Star Award Thursday at an on-campus event.

RecycLA is the new recycling and waste collection program for commercial and large apartment buildings throughout Los Angeles that started last year.

“We’re proud to award LMU the city’s very first Platinum RecycLA Star,” Board of Public Works Vice President Heather Marie Repenning said. “Not only is LMU setting the standard in environmental sustainability, it is getting students involved and creating lasting habits that will benefit the city of Los Angeles well into the future.”

The RecycLA Star Award recognizes business and apartment owners who take advantage of the recycling, landfill diversion, and food rescue opportunities the program offers, the Department of Public Works said, and award recipients can receive the Green, Silver, Gold, or Platinum level award.

LMU, with a student body of 9,000, registered a recycling rate of nearly 84 percent and recycles more than 6,000 tons of materials annually, along with on-site recycling and food waste programs that turn food and recyclable paper into soil enhancements, according to the Department of Public Works.

LMU also reduced its food service disposal and diversion tonnage from 101 tons to 33.7 tons from 2011 to 2017.

“LMU is a shining example of what is possible when we work together and put the cleanliness and health of our city first,” said Enrique C. Zaldivar, LA Sanitation director and general manager.

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