Elon Musk’s Boring Company Tuesday evening unveiled its 1.14-mile-long test tunnel in Hawthorne, a prototype of an underground transportation system Musk has been touting as a way to avoid the Southland’s “soul-destroying traffic.”

The unveiling included rides in a Tesla Model X that reached a top speed of 53 mph driven by an employee who previously drove in the Indianapolis 500, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The trip through the tunnel took about two minutes, according to The Times.

The car rode on two molded concrete shelves along the wall, which The Times described as “so uneven in places that it felt like riding on a dirt road.”

Musk told The Times the rough ride was the result of problems with a paving machine.

“The bumpiness will not be there down the road,” Musk told The Times. “It will be as smooth as glass. This is just a prototype. That’s why it’s just a little rough around the edges.”

Musk has said he hopes to eventually build a system that stretches all around the county.

In August, Musk announced plans to build an approximately 3.6-mile Dugout Loop underground tunnel that could run from Dodger Stadium to property owned by The Boring Co. near the Vermont/Sunset, Vermont/Santa Monica or Vermont/Beverly Metro Red Line stations.

Dugout Loop will be entirely privately financed and will not require any tax money, the company said.

The company recently scrapped plans for a tunnel beneath Sepulveda Boulevard in West Los Angeles amid a legal challenge over the project’s environmental review.

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