After 30 years of serving the city of El Monte, City Manager Alex Hamilton announced Wednesday that he will retire early next year.

“Serving as the City Manager for the City of El Monte has been a fulfilling privilege, and I am honored to be able to culminate 30 years of public service in a city like El Monte,” Hamilton said. “I am also proud of the many accomplishments we have achieved and will forever be grateful to the Mayor, City Council, and residents for the opportunity to serve.”

During his three decades as city manager in El Monte, Hamilton spearheaded development projects like the Gateway Project and Goodman Logistics while laying the groundwork for future development opportunities by directing the establishment of Opportunity Zones and the Garvey Overlay, according to a statement from the city.

Mayor Andre Quintero praised Hamilton for his efforts on improving and expanding the City’s economic development initiatives.

In addition to serving as El Monte city manager, Hamilton also served as assistant city manager and worked for the Environmental Resources Branch of U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, the statement said.

“This wasn’t an easy decision for me, but it’s the right decision,” Hamilton said. “I am ready for the next chapter of my life.”

Hamilton said he plans to focus on spending time with his family when he officially steps down in January 2020.

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