The Compton City Council this week approved a measure authorizing approximately $2.5 million to be spent on road repair services citywide.

Through the motion, which was voted on Tuesday, the Council also approved a construction contract with All American Asphalt Corporation for street repair to begin immediately.

“The City Council and I are committed to improving the quality of our roads for Compton residents,” said Mayor Aja Brown. “We have been working to restore decades of disinvestment for several years and now with funding from our city’s Measure P as well as SB1 and other funding measures, we are able to dedicate more resources to tackle our road repairs as quickly as possible.”

The city recently wrapped up a previous round of road repairs, which led to over 4,000 tons of asphalt being used to repair streets throughout the city, according to a city statement. This new round of road repairs will lead to over 8,000 tons of asphalt to fill and repair roads. These projects not only fill individual potholes, but in many cases will resurface an entire portion of the street.

Tuesday night’s approval brought the city’s total to over $3.5 million of funding being committed to road repairs in just six months.

In addition to road repairs, the City Council approved a contract for graffiti abatement on Tuesday, continuing their commitment to overall infrastructure improvement in the city. The contract allocated funding for the next 31 months of graffiti abatement and is valued at $465,000.

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