The City of Long Beach Saturday amended and clarified its “Safer at Home” order aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19.

The city extended its order to May 1, or until further notice. “We are at a pivotal point in this public health crisis, therefore, it is critical that we maintain safe social distances and do everything possible to reduce the risk of infection in our community,” said Mayor Robert Garcia.

Businesses deemed essential are now ordered to make every effort to ensure employees are at least six feet apart, do not travel together in vehicles or work in teams and limit meetings to only those that are necessary and away from the public.

The city can issue administrative citations against nonessential businesses that continue operating in violation of the “Safer at Home” order and the Water Department, in consultation with the City Attorney, may shut off water service to those businesses.

The amendments make clear that businesses that exclusively sell personal care products, including beauty supplies, are not essential. There will be no funerals, and death care services will be limited to removal, care, preparation and burial of deceased people or animals.

Painting services are only allowed to sell or lease new residences, maintain habitable residences or businesses or for new construction, officials said.

Licensed medical cannabis dispensaries can do curbside pickup if products are paid for in advance by patients with proof of a valid government-issued identification and medical identification card in advance. Patients picking up cannabis must prove they are the same people who ordered it, among other requirements.

While all public beaches, trails and trailheads are closed, along with playgrounds, skate parks and recreational facilities, people can still utilize open park space and park pathways for personal health and wellness purposes if they take the required social-distancing measures.

Further information is available at or by following @LongBeachCity on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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