Jimmy Kimmel and chef Adam Perry Lang have joined forces with St. Joseph Center to help feed homeless families affected by the COVID-19 outbreak in Los Angeles, it was announced Tuesday.

Kimmel enlisted Lang’s APL Restaurant in Hollywood to help tackle the dual problem of keeping restaurant workers employed and feeding families experiencing homelessness.

The host of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” announced on his Instagram feed that for each to-go meal ordered from APL, Lang and Kimmel will donate a meal from the restaurant’s kitchen to a family in need. St. Joseph Center, one of Los Angeles’ leading homeless services providers, will distribute the meals to families living in shelters and interim housing. The partnership keeps workers employed while bringing critical meals to families who are experiencing homelessness, Kimmel said.

“The work St. Joseph Center does is inspiring and important and it is our privilege to be able to help feed homeless families in Los Angeles,” Kimmel said.

St. Joseph Center is one of the area’s largest providers of services for low-income and homeless people and families, serving more than 10,000 people per year. Los Angeles County has the nation’s largest population of people without homes, with close to 60,000 people living in cars, tent encampments, and other makeshift housing on any given night.

“We are so grateful to Jimmy Kimmel and APL Restaurant for making life a little easier for struggling families during this extremely difficult time,” said Dr. Va Lecia Adams Kellum, president and CEO of St. Joseph Center. “At times like these, kindness means so much. Jimmy’s willingness to inspire other celebrities to support homeless programs is a pure expression of kindness, and we are so appreciative.”

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