Burbank city officials gave notice Friday to a restaurant to stop operating indoor and outdoor dining and fix other violations after it the was “repeatedly cited” for defying county public health orders.

In the notice of violation, Burbank Community Development Director Patrick Prescott said the violations by the owner of Tin Horn Flats “may also violate concurrent state health orders,” and that the violations that have taken place there “have resulted in the creation of a public nuisance,” which violate the terms of its conditional use permit.

Prescott included a list of fixes the restaurant must make — including limiting operations to delivery or carry out only — or face the possibility of having its permit suspended or revoked.

Lucas Lepejian, the owner of the restaurant, told City News Service when reached by telephone Friday at the restaurant that he would not comply with the orders, saying “We want to keep operating.”

“It’s f—— b——, I don’t care what they’re gonna do,” Lepejian said. “It’s completely unconstitutional… Let them come and close me down.”

Along with coronavirus-related restriction violations, Prescott said the restaurant also sold or served alcohol to one or more underage customers.

The city notice calls for the restaurant to provide “clear evidence” by Jan. 19 that it has cured its violations.

Among the list of correctives are halting all indoor, outdoor and patio dining; requiring employees and customers to wear a face mask; increasing space between employees; complying with county health protocols for operating a restaurant, brewery or bar; providing enough space for customers waiting for orders; ensuring surveillance cameras are operating; and providing footage from the restaurant when requested “to ensure ongoing compliance” with permit conditions and health orders.

If Lepejian does not fix the violations, a hearing will take place Feb. 22 “to consider revocation, suspension or mortification” of the conditional use permit for the restaurant, the notice states.

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