Businesses that provide office equipment and supplies, as well as other products, are encouraged to view the Riverside County Department of Public Social Service’s updated guidelines on how to become a vendor for the agency, officials said Monday.

“We are strengthening and expanding business partnerships with an eye on the needs of our communities,” DPSS Director Sayori Baldwin said. “Strong, committed partners are essential to bringing quality services to children, families and adults in complex and challenging circumstances.”

The agency’s updated “Doing-Business-With-Us” portal is available at

According to Baldwin, DPSS has a pressing need to expand its inventory of rented and permanent equipment as demand for services grows. The agency’s budget is among the largest of the nearly three-dozen agencies that comprise county government.

The business interface portal contains videos that illustrate the process of becoming a county-recognized vendor.

“The Department of Public Social Services has wonderful opportunities for businesses and providers,” Department of Purchasing & Fleet Services Director Tina Grande said. “Riverside County is a great place to do business, and we invite vendors to participate in the county’s fair and open bidding processes.”

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