The Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services announced Friday it has been awarded a $412,992 grant from the California Department of Transportation to develop an infrastructure plan to integrate active transportation and climate resiliency in L.A.’s most vulnerable communities.

The grant was part of $34 million awarded to cities, counties, tribes and transit agencies from Caltrans.

“We are excited to receive this investment from the State, which will enable us to further the environmental and equity goals set forth in the Mayor’s Green New Deal,” said StreetsLA Executive Director Keith Mozee, who was confirmed by the City Council on Thursday.

“These dollars will set in motion the planning of multi-benefit projects to make our streets safer, greener and better for everyone. All neighborhoods deserve streets that are safe to ride, walk or drive on; are shaded by trees and bus shelters; and are reducing the heat of the pavement amid a worsening climate.”

StreetsLA cited two grant-funded projects as examples of “holistic street improvements: a pedestrian plaza at Grand and Cesar E. Chavez Avenue and a former right-turn lane at Cesar E. Chavez Avenue and Spring Street, which has been planted with greenery to make it safer for pedestrians.

The grant will also help the city prepare for future funding opportunities, StreetsLA said, as the developed plan will demonstrate features that can be incorporated throughout the city.

The $412,992 grant was matched with $53,508 in local dollars, according to StreetsLA.

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