One of at least 100 vehicles involved in a “large-scale sideshow” involving reckless maneuvers at a Beverly Hills intersection last week was spotted by the California Highway Patrol in South Los Angeles and seized, officials said Saturday.

Authorities received reports at about 11:30 p.m. on Feb. 18 of a takeover at the intersection of Canon Drive and Lomitas Avenue, the Beverly Hills Police Department reported. Spectators allegedly lighted fireworks during the sideshow.

“It was reported that at least 100 vehicles were blocking all six points of the intersection and at least 150 spectators were on foot,” police said. “After forming a safe tactical plan, BHPD officers convoyed into the center of the incident causing all vehicles and spectators to flee immediately. Officers stopped several vehicles, which led to arrest of multiple suspects.”

Since the incident, BHPD traffic investigators have been reviewing CCTV footage and other digital evidence in an attempt to identity persons and vehicles involved. Police said a license plate associated with one of the primary vehicles was identified, a warrant was granted to seize the vehicle, and the BHPD notified law enforcement partners in the region to be on the lookout for it.

The vehicle was located by the CHP in South Los Angeles on Friday night. Beverly Hills police said the driver was arrested by CHP officers for additional violations committed during their enforcement stop.

The vehicle was impounded by the BHPD, which will continue to investigate the case and seek criminal charges for last weekend’s activities.

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