Photo by John Schreiber.
Photo by John Schreiber.

A judge is expected Wednesday to determine whether to go along with a jury’s recommendation that a man be sentenced to death for the 1984 murders of two women in Los Angeles.

Kevin Haley, 50, is due before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy, who presided over his murder trial. Jurors recommended May 16 that Haley be executed for the June 25, 1984, killing of Laverne Stolzy and the Sept. 27, 1984, killing of Dolores Clement.

It marked the second time a jury has recommended the death penalty for Haley, who was initially sentenced to death in 1988 for Clement’s killing.

In an August 2004 ruling, the California Supreme Court upheld his conviction for Clement’s killing but reversed the special circumstance allegations that legally underpinned his death sentence, resulting in his retrial.

The second jury to hear the case against him convicted Haley of first- degree murder for Stolzy’s killing — a charge on which the first jury had deadlocked — and found true the special circumstance allegations that Stolzy was murdered during the commission of a rape or attempted rape, burglary and robbery.

Haley acted as his own attorney during his retrial and did not present any mitigating evidence or give a closing argument during the penalty phase of his trial, in which jurors rejected an option to recommend that he be sentenced to life behind bars without the possibility of parole.

Deputy District Attorney Iliana Alvarez, who handled the retrial with colleague Teresa De Castro, told jurors in her closing argument that Haley was a “monster,” “predator” and “cold-blooded killer” who preyed on women.

Clement, 55, was strangled in her apartment in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles while getting ready for bed and left “half-naked” to die alone, the prosecutor said.

“She was robbed of her life for no reason other than his perverse and sadistic thirst for violence,” Alvarez told jurors. “… In his wake, he leaves devastation.”

Stolzy, who had turned 56 a week before she was killed in her South Los Angeles home, was hit so hard with a two-by-four that huge gashes were left in her head, according to the prosecutor.

Jurors also heard about a series of other crimes in 1984 in which Haley was suspected, including the May 17, 1984, execution-style killing and robbery of a 15-year-old girl who was shot in the back of the head while walking about 1 1/2 blocks from her home in South Los Angeles, and the attempted murder of a woman shot while out for a morning jog in the Miracle Mile area about 75 minutes earlier.

Authorities determined that a bullet recovered from the back of the teenage girl’s head and a bullet recovered from the scene of the attempted murder were fired from the same gun, Alvarez told jurors.

Prosecutors also put on evidence about two other sexual assaults in which Haley — who was 20 at the time — was suspected, including the April 1984 rape of a woman who was on a date at Dockweiler Beach in El Segundo and an August 1984 attack on a woman in the Miracle Mile area.

“Kevin Haley must pay the ultimate price for his crimes,” Alvarez told jurors.

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