The City of Angels could come to be known as the city of gators, even though the fearsome reptiles are native to the southeastern United States.

Two pet alligators were discovered this week, both in the San Fernando Valley — one on Monday and another on Thursday.

The one that turned up Thursday was found at the rear of a residence in the 15300 Block of Lassen Street in North Hills, the Los Angeles Animal Services Department reported. The 2½-foot long American alligator was in a large aquarium at the rear of the property, which is abandoned.

It was quite a bit smaller than the 8-foot-long alligator found on Monday in the backyard of a home in the 13200 block of Sylvan Street in Van Nuys. That gator was named Jaxson and bought at a pet shop 37 years ago.

Jaxson is now at the Los Angeles Zoo. The smaller alligator was taken to the West Valley Animal Shelter, but that’s expected to be only a temporary arrangement.

—City News Service

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