The daughter of a La Verne man killed along with his wife in their home the day after Christmas is suing the slain woman’s daughter, alleging she took steps to wrest control of the family estate and alter the inheritance rights of the plaintiff and her two siblings.

Darci S. Isom’s father was Armie “Troy” Isom, 89. He and Shirley Isom, 74, were found dead by a groundskeeper at their sprawling property in the 300 block of Roughrider Road about 1:25 p.m. Dec. 26. The isolated multimillion- dollar home abuts open land. The woman died of blunt force injuries and her husband died at a hospital later that day from being beaten and stabbed.

Detectives have said the motive is not known.

Darci Isom alleges in a fraud and elder abuse suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Tuesday that Shirley Isom’s daughter, Mischelynn Scarlatelli, conspired to defraud Troy Isom by misappropriating funds from his bank accounts and to use a threat of physical harm to take control of his separate property and his estate holdings, “thereby altering the rights of inheritance of daughter Darci and her brother and sister.”

Scarlatelli could not be immediately reached for comment.

The suit also alleges Scarlatelli conspired in 2013 to force Troy Isom to sign documents giving her a power of attorney at a time when he lacked the mental ability to understand what he was doing. The effect was to “deprive the plaintiff of her rightful position as a co-trustee and to further deprive her (of her) rightful inheritance as set forth in the Isom Family Trust,” according to the lawsuit.

Scarlatelli took photos of her slain mother and dying stepfather at their home and emailed them to family members, but not to Troy Isom’s children, the suit states. She also took control of the Isom family estate and began making funeral arrangements without contacting Darci Isom and her siblings, the suit states.

The couple was buried Jan. 1 and Scarlatelli never told the plaintiff about the burial plans during the six days between their deaths and their interment, according to the lawsuit.

Darci Isom is asking for a court order removing control of the family estate from Scarlatelli so that cash and other property owned by the couple before they were killed cannot be transferred or sold. She also is requesting that Scarlatelli be directed to return any assets taken from the estate.

— City News Service

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