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A man pleaded no contest Tuesday to charges stemming from the death of his girlfriend, who was killed when an off-road vehicle he was driving while drunk rolled down a steep hill in the Rowher Flats area of the Angeles National Forest.

Ian James Pike, 29, pleaded no contest to one count of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated in connection with the Jan. 10 death of Jacqueline Devon Cork, according to Deputy District Attorney Kaveh Faturechi.

Pike is facing 32 days in county jail, 50 days community labor, alcohol rehabilitation classes and three years probation, with sentencing set for Sept. 21 in San Fernando, according to the prosecutor.

Pike was driving a modified Jeep at Lookout Trail when the vehicle rolled more than 1,000 feet down the hill, killing his 25-year-old passenger, according to Faturechi.

— City News Service 

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