Pregnant woman, not the symphony conductor in story. Photo via Pixabay
Pregnant woman, not the symphony conductor in story. Photo via Pixabay

A woman is suing a downtown Los Angeles-based tour company, alleging a bus driver refused to allow her to get medical attention for an insect bite, causing her to suffer septic shock and a miscarriage.

Stephanie Rivera’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit alleges negligence by Salcido Tours Inc. The suit seeks unspecified damages.

A Salcido Tours representative could not be immediately reached.

According to the complaint filed Tuesday, Salcido was a passenger on a Salcido Tours bus traveling from Durango, Mexico, to Pacoima on June 26. She told the driver she saw what appeared to be an insect bite on her left arm while the bus passed through El Paso, the suit states.

The driver told Rivera it was “just her imagination,” the suit states.

Rivera felt reassured and went to sleep, but later that day in Phoenix, her arm had swollen and become discolored, leaving her feeling “dazed and disoriented,” the suit states.

“She felt generally unwell and weak and believes she passed out,” according to the lawsuit.

Rivera awoke hours later in Blythe and felt even more confused and unsettled, while also realizing she had a fever, the suit states. She showed the bus driver her arm and said she needed medical attention because she was five months pregnant, the suit states. She asked that he call for medical help or at least take her to a hospital or clinic where she could get attention on her own, according to the lawsuit.

“The bus driver advised plaintiff that he would not stop the bus, would not let her off, nor would he call for help and that he did not believe she was ill or injured,” the suit states.

The driver told Rivera that if she “really needed medical attention, she could get it when they arrived at their final destination, more than six hours away,” the suit states.

Rivera believes she again passed out and remembers awakening in Pacoima, where her mother met her and took her to Olive View-UCLA Medical Center in Sylmar, according to the lawsuit. She was diagnosed as suffering from severe sepsis with septic shock “resulting in, among other complications, a complete spontaneous abortion in her second trimester,” the suit states.

Salcido Tours failed to provide Rivera with the accommodations and help she needed as a fare-paying passenger, the suit states.

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