Magic Castle via wikimedia
Magic Castle via wikimedia

Police Saturday said the death of a magician at the Magic Castle in Hollywood was being investigated as an apparent suicide.

The man, identified as Daryl Easton, was a magician who performed at the iconic nightclub that offers exclusive dining and magic shows.

Earlier media reports indicated Easton was found by one of the club’s employees hanging in a showroom in his underwear with a bag over his head.

Academy of Magical Arts spokeswoman Vicki Greenleaf and Magic Castle General Manager Joe Furlow vehemently dispute that claim.

“It’s just not true,” Greenleaf told City News Service. “The earliest place we tracked it back to was TMZ and it’s just not accurate.”

Furlow echoed Greenleaf’s statements.

“I know that’s not true,” Furlow told CNS. “His body was found hanging in a dressing room by one of my floor managers and he was fully clothed. I know that for a fact because I identified the body and Daryl was fully clothed.”

Los Angeles police spokesman Officer Aaeron Jefferson told CNS that the LAPD could not immediately confirm how Easton was dressed when his body was first discovered.

The death prompted the closure of the famed club at 7001 Franklin Ave., after a call for service was made at 7:24 p.m. Friday.

“There was no sign or evidence of crime,” said Sgt. Robert Ward of the LAPD’s Hollywood Division.

Employees of the club told NBC4 that the magician’s body was found right before he was supposed to perform.

In a statement released earlier Saturday, the non-profit AMA, which is headquartered at the Magic Castle, mourned the passing of Easton.

“The magic community mourns the loss of one of our most beloved and talented performers and the AMA’s deepest regrets and heart-felt sympathy go out to Daryl’s family,” Greenleaf wrote.

“Daryl was a World Champion, first-place FISM Gold medal winning, close- up magician with over 40 years of experience in both performing and selling the finest magic in the world,” she continued. “Daryl performed as a headline act at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for seven years fine tuning his already encyclopedic knowledge of magic.

Daryl has performed literally thousands of shows for audiences as diverse as the Witch Doctors on the South Pacific island of Vanuatu to the movers and shakers of the political world at the Presidential Ball in Washington, D.C.”

—City News Service

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