A California Highway Patrol cruiser. Photo by John Schreiber.

Video of a dramatic road-rage crash on the Antelope Valley (14) Freeway in Santa Clarita — beginning with a kick by a motorcyclist and ending with an SUV on its roof — has gone viral on social media, and authorities said Thursday they’re hoping the public can help them track down the cyclist involved.

The confrontation occurred around 5:45 a.m. Wednesday on the southbound 14 Freeway near Newhall Avenue, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The video shows the motorcyclist pulling up to the driver’s side of a Nissan sedan in the far left lane of the freeway, then kicking a leg at the vehicle. The driver of the Nissan swerves toward the left, into the motorcyclist, who is pushed toward the center divider, but manages to maintain control of the bike.

The Nissan then swerves to the right, but the driver loses control of the vehicle and swings quickly back to the left, slamming into the center divider in front of the motorcyclist, who slows to avoid the crash. Flames are briefly seen under the front of the Nissan, which bounces off the divider and swerves back into traffic, broadsiding a white SUV, which flips over and winds up on its roof.

The driver of the Nissan comes to a stop on the right side of the freeway, smoke billowing from the vehicle’s hood.

Meanwhile, the motorcyclist manages to avoid debris from the crash, including a bumper from the Nissan, and rides away.

The video of the crash was taken by a motorist behind the involved vehicles, and it was posted on Facebook. It has since received additional air time on television news broadcasts.

CHP officials asked that anyone with information about the crash or the motorcycle rider contact the Newhall office at (661) 294-5540.

–City News Service

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