The YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles was sued for $1 million Friday by a member who alleges she was sexually assaulted in a hot tub by a homeless man at the downtown facility in 2015.

The plaintiff’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit alleges general negligence and negligent hiring and supervision. Her husband also is a plaintiff and is alleging loss of consortium.

A YMCA representative said she had no immediate comment on the lawsuit.

According to the complaint, the woman went to the YMCA on Hope Street on Sept. 2, 2015, as part of her daily exercise routine. She entered after her membership card was scanned and went to a hot tub and whirlpool in an area restricted to women, the suit states.

The homeless man, despite not being a YMCA member, was granted access by the facility’s front desk employee, the suit states.

As a result, the homeless man “was able to gain unfettered access to the restricted women’s only area where (the plaintiff) was present,” according to the complaint.

The woman, seeing the man, yelled “Hey, this area is for women only,” her suit states.

“Immediately after, (the man) jumped into the hot tub/whirlpool and began to sexually assault and batter (the plaintiff),” the suit states.

The intruder continued groping the woman despite her pleas of “Stop, stop, stop,” the suit states.

The woman broke free and ran soaking wet to the lobby, where she asked the receptionist for help, the suit states. The employee called a private security firm that patrolled the area and the man was later arrested by police, according to the suit.

The plaintiff continues to experience depression, a fear of men and nightmares, the suit states. Her financial earning abilities also have been impaired, according to her complaint, which further alleges the YMCA employee who allowed the homeless man into the facility was negligent.

The woman’s husband alleges he has suffered a loss of affection and sexual relations because of the attack on his wife.

–City News Service

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