Photo by John Schreiber.

Above-normal levels of natural gas were detected Thursday along a stretch of a South Los Angeles street where an explosion in an underground vault a day earlier sent pavement and two manhole covers flying.

The gas readings were reported about 1:35 p.m. on a stretch of Brynhurst Avenue between 64th Street and Hyde Park Boulevard, according to Brian Rankin of Los Angeles Fire Department.

Residents were told to remain indoors until crews got a handle on the problem and that stretch of Brynhurst Avenue was closed to traffic.

The fire department was coordinating efforts with Los Angeles police and Department of Water and Power and Southern California Gas Co. personnel to determine the source of the gas readings, which appeared to be isolated to Brynhurst Avenue, Rankin said.

“The Gas Company is performing additional tests to more accurately determine the exact makeup of the gasses present,” he said. “Residents continue to be advised to remain indoors to allow efforts to continue unimpeded.”

The explosion Wednesday occurred about 3:30 p.m. in the area of Brynhurst Avenue and 63rd Street in the Hyde Park area.

No one was injured but at least three vehicles were damaged.

–City News Service

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