An attorney for the grandson of Charles Manson, who is competing with a pen pal of the late mass-murderer to obtain his grandfather’s remains, says the probate case should stay in Los Angeles County.

Lawyer Dale Kiken, who represents Manson grandson Jason L. Freeman, filed court papers in Los Angeles Superior Court papers stating that Manson’s last known “domicile” was the Spahn Ranch, a Chatsworth horse ranch where his grandfather established a commune before he was incarcerated. Kiken also is seeking to be named the administrator of the Manson estate.

“Based upon the history of Manson’s residence disclosed in … appellate court cases, (Kiken) identified the Spahn Ranch, located in Los Angeles County, as Manson’s last legal domicile,” Kiken’s court papers state.

Judge David Cowan will ultimately decide if the Manson probate proceedings should take place in Los Angeles County; in Kings County, where he was imprisoned before his death; or in Kern County, where he died.

Manson spent nearly three decades at the Corcoran prison and died Nov. 19 at age 83 at Bakersfield Mercy Hospital of heart failure triggered by colon cancer that had spread to other areas of his body.

Former Manson pen pal Michael Channels also is seeking to obtain control of the killer’s remains. Channels said he has a copy of Manson’s will and that the cult leader left no property of any significant value.

But Freeman maintains Manson died without a will and that any such document anyone claims to possess is a forgery.

A hearing on all of the issues is scheduled before Cowan on Jan. 26.

–City News Service

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