Police in Beverly Hills Wednesday said they issued 78 citations during an operation to crack down on motorists who don’t have both front and rear license plates on their vehicles.

The four-hour operation, conducted with the Los Angeles County Taskforce for Regional Auto Theft Prevention on April 26, included 128 traffic stops, 34 parking citations and one vehicle impound.

“Criminals routinely attempt to hide their identity from law enforcement by concealing their license plates,” Beverly Hills Police Department Chief Sandra Spagnoli said.

Detectives and traffic investigators throughout Los Angeles County say many crimes are being captured on surveillance video but many of the vehicles used in the crimes are not displaying both front and rear license plates or are displaying dealer paper plates, thereby avoiding detection.

The same is true for many hit-and-run accidents and avoidance of toll-road fees and photo red-light enforcement.

Police used Wednesday’s announcement to remind drivers to display their license plates as required by law. Those who have purchased a new or used vehicle and have not received license plates should contact the dealer, seller or their local Department of Motor Vehicles office to avoid being cited.

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