The city of Long Beach announced Tuesday that it has received two grants totaling $1 million to fund its lab that aims to give tools to first responders to divert residents in need out of the criminal justice system and toward resources like treatment and care.

The grants from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation will fund the Long Beach Justice Lab, which was developed through a partnership between the city’s Innovation Team, or i-team, and the Long Beach Public Safety Continuum.

“The city of Long Beach is working to create innovative solutions to help those stuck in our justice system start new lives,” Mayor Robert Garcia said. “We are grateful for the support that the Laura and John Arnold Foundation has provided to help the city of Long Beach move forward with the Justice Lab.”

The first grant will fund implementation of two initiatives, including one that convenes city and county service providers to better coordinate and make it easier for residents to access mental health care, substance abuse treatment, and homeless services, Garcia said.

The second initiative enables researchers to cross-check information from the police, health and fire departments, the City Prosecutor’s Office and other departments to coordinate wraparound services and other programs.

With the second grant, the i-team, in collaboration with California State Long Beach and UCLA, will conduct a feasibility study and randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of the Justice Lab’s method of service planning and care management for people who frequently come into contact with police officers and other first responders.

“Our mission is public safety through partnerships,” Long Beach Police Department Chief Robert Luna said. “Through our Public Safety Continuum, which is a well-developed collaboration between departments, we will help stabilize individuals and families allowing us to better serve our community.”

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