The Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday to rename Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy for board member Richard A. Vladovic.

Vladovic led the effort in 2002 to open the academy, whose initial goals were to raise graduation rates among at-risk youth in Wilmington and address the teacher shortage by encouraging students with high-potential toward teaching careers.

The academy has twice been chosen as a national Blue Ribbon School. All members of its 2018 graduating class have been accepted to a four-year college or university while two-thirds have earned at least one associate of arts degree, thanks to the school’s partnership with Los Angeles Harbor College, which shares its campus, the district’s Shannon Haber said.

“I cannot describe how proud I am of all that Harbor Teacher Prep Academy has been able to accomplish in a very short period of time,” Vladovic said.

“Over 70 percent of its student body has been classified as economically disadvantaged, and come from a community that historically has been underserved and yet this school and its student body consistently rank amongst the top high schools in the state and the nation.”

Vladovic began his career in education in the late 1960s as a social studies teacher at Stephen White Junior High School in Carson, part of Board District 7, which represents. He later became a principal and administrator before being elected to the board in 2007. He has been re-elected twice.

The school will be rededicated later this year as Dr. Richard A. Vladovic Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy.

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