A rescue helicopter from the Los Angeles County sheriff’s office hoisted a trapped hiker out of a mountainside ravine above Palm Springs Saturday.

The hiker fell into a ravine above Palm Springs last night, but the rescue had to be put off until Saturday morning, when rescuers could rappel down to rescue him.

The Palm Springs Police Department received a call at 8:08 p.m. Friday from a hiker who had lost his way while trekking the Dry Falls Trail, west of the Palm Springs Art Museum. He had fallen down a ravine, but was uninjured.

However, due to the terrain around the hiker’s location and other weather-related factors, the hiker was not able to be rescued Friday night, according to police.

“The hiker had a working cell phone and was able to communicate with search and rescue throughout the night,” police said.

Saturday morning at around 8:15 a.m., Palm Springs police called in a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office rescue helicopter, and rappelled down into the ravine where the hiker had spent the night.

They pulled him out. Police said the hiker suffered some dehydration but was otherwise uninjured. He was evaluated and later released.

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