The Department of Water and Power. Photo by John Schreiber.
The Department of Water and Power. Photo by John Schreiber.

Has it been a miserable Monday for you as temperatures continued to soar and air conditioners failed amid widespread power outages?

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and Southern California Edison crews worked throughout the day to restore power to thousands of customers blacked out over the weekend as the Southland’s first summer heat wave of 2018 wreaked havoc on power supplies.

As of about 9 a.m., the LADWP reported about 7,800 customers were off-grid in various areas in its jurisdiction, including 2,200 in the Koreatown area. Field crews have restored power to about 76,000 customers since Friday.

Southern California Edison reported Monday morning that 1,429 Los Angeles County customers were without power, with 413 customers affected in Orange County and 991 customers affected in Riverside County.

The DWP warned that people experiencing blackouts may have to wait a day or two for their power to be restored.

Overloaded distribution stations, overheated or overtaxed underground and above-surface lines, and other large equipment failed Friday, when various parts of Los Angeles hit temperature records. It was 117 at Van Nuys Airport and 111 at UCLA that day.

SCE urged its customers to do whatever they could to reduce pressure on the system, such as keeping thermostats at 70 or above, judicious use of air conditioning and use of drapes, curtains and blinds to keep sunlight and heat out of rooms.

DWP officials said Saturday’s power demand was the second-highest of any weekend day in the city’s history, with peak use exceeding 5,700 megawatts, one day after a July record of 6,256 megawatts was used on Friday, which was the most used for a single day since 2006 when 6,165 megawatts were used.

Temperatures, meanwhile, will continue to run several degrees above normal Monday. Downtown L.A., for example, will hit a high of 90 — eight degrees above the average. Burbank, where the normal is 89, will reach a high of 94.

The heat wave will last until the middle of the week, said National Weather Service weather specialist Stuart Seto, adding that its salient characteristic will be high overnight temperatures. For example, Burbank, where the normal overnight temperature is 60, will have an overnight temperature of 71 this week.

The NWS forecast a mix of mostly cloudy and partly cloudy skies Monday afternoon, with highs of 80 at LAX; 83 in Avalon; 89 on Mount Wilson; 90 in Downtown L.A. and Long Beach; 93 in San Gabriel; 94 in Burbank; 96 in Pasadena; 97 in Saugus; 99 in Woodland Hills; 103 in Lancaster and 104 in Palmdale.

Temperatures will be about the same Tuesday, then start a slow cooling trend on Wednesday.

Partly cloudy skies were forecast in Orange County, with expected highs of 77 in Laguna Beach; 78 in Newport Beach and San Clemente; 90 in Mission Viejo; 91 in Anaheim; 92 in Irvine and Fullerton; and 94 in Yorba Linda.

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