The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Monday announced it will print thousands of copies of a brochure on surviving an active shooter situation and distribute them to school districts and community colleges in the county.

The brochure, titled “Surviving an Active Shooter,” will be printed by the LASD Custody print shop. It is being made available to the county’s 70 school districts, which serve 1.7 million students.

Five thousand brochures will be distributed through the LASD Community College Bureau, which is contracted to serve 10 county community colleges. Another 5,000 are being made available through the LASD’s 23 patrol stations.

“Thus far, 40 school districts in Los Angeles County representing 483 elementary, middle and high schools have committed to distributing the brochures … to teachers, parents and students,” a department statement said.

The sheriff’s department described the brochure, which is based on a public service video — titled “Active Shooter” — that has been viewed well over 1 million times, is described as “a graphic and detailed resource guide on what to do should you find yourself involved in an active shooter situation.”

“We are adopting the same philosophy about threats against our schools as the FBI has about terrorism. One shooting is too many. One victim is unacceptable. Guns are clearly the weapon of choice,” Sheriff Jim McDonnell said.

“I believe the LASD and schools and community colleges in our geographic area of more than 4,200 square miles, should do all we can to send a strong message to those who threaten our children. We begin by holding people accountable for gun crimes, but also empower our communities by providing information that could save their life and the lives of others.”

The brochure instructs people in such situations to run, hide and/or fight.

The brochure is available through the sheriff’s department and can be downloaded on the LASD smartphone app.

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