Investigators were looking into a report that a razor blade was inserted into trick-or-treat candy passed out on Halloween in a Beaumont neighborhood, police said Saturday.

The Beaumont Police Department first became aware of the allegations from a post on social media made Thursday in which a resident said candy her children received the previous evening appeared to have been tampered with.

Photos provided by police show a piece of candy with a razor blade sticking out of the top.

The family told police that they had taken their children trick-or-treating to the homes in the area of First Street and Seneca Springs Parkway.

“Officers recovered the candy for additional investigation. At this point officers are unable to determine the origin of the candy or if the tampering was done intentionally,” police said in a statement.

Police urged anyone with information regarding this case or who received similar Halloween items that appear to be tampered with to contact the Beaumont Police Department at (951) 769-8500. Information can also be reported anonymously at

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