The opportunity to adopt a dog at the Los Angeles Auto Show concludes Saturday.

The dogs from the Santa Monica-based DoVE Project can be seen in the Los Angeles Convention Center’s West Hall and Breezeway.

Dogs of Violence Exposed is dedicated to ending the dog meat industry in South Korea by working with animal welfare groups, activists, government officials and dog meat farmers.

The nonprofit organization has rescued dogs from dog meat farms and arranged for their transportation to the United States.

Claudia Wilsey Bright and Tami Cho Zussman were inspired to found the organization following a discussion at a yoga session about their desire to make the world a better place for animals when the subject of the Asian dog meat industry was brought up.

“One week later we were immersed in researching the realities of the industry that continues not only to exist but to be legally sanctioned in South Korea,” Bright and Zussman said in a statement on the organization’s website,

“We were horrified and moved to do whatever was in our power to support the collective cause to end the inhumane dog meat industry.”

The auto show adoptions were made possible through a partnership with Subaru, which made dogs from Our Family Paws Rescue available for adoption on Friday.

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