The Board of Supervisors Tuesday approved a measure barring big rigs from traveling on segments of some Riverside County roads in an effort to reduce congestion, noise and damage along the corridors.

In a 5-0 vote, the board directed the Transportation & Land Management Agency to implement restrictions on Campbell Ranch and De Palma roads in Temescal Canyon, Seaton Avenue in Mead Valley, Sycamore Canyon Boulevard in the unincorporated area just southeast of Riverside and Washington Street in Woodcrest.

Signs declaring the prohibitions will be installed over the next several months, after which, drivers of 7-ton commercial vehicles will face potential fines if caught using the arteries — unless they have to make specific deliveries or pickups, which will be permitted, according to the new ordinance, No. 500.2.

“Community concerns have been raised regarding an increase of commercial vehicle traffic within residential areas,” according to a TLMA statement. “Commercial vehicles tend to utilize county highways as cut-through routes in an attempt to avoid traffic congestion on regional highways.”

Supervisor Kevin Jeffries, in whose First District all of the routes are located, first sought the restrictions in 2018, citing his concerns about the hazards and disturbances created by tractor-trailers traversing a number of county byways, typically going to and from warehouses.

That same year, the Riverside City Council implemented policies that prohibited all trucks with more than three axles from accessing segments of Alessandro and Sycamore Canyon boulevards, as well as Arlington, Central, Chicago, Iowa and Jurupa avenues.

The restrictions stemmed from residents’ complaints about noise and congestion. Commercial deliveries by 18-wheelers are still permitted on the streets, but drivers may be asked to present documents to police showing why they’re using them.

On Campbell Ranch, the segment on which big rigs are barred stretches between Indian Truck Trail and Temescal Canyon Road. The designated alternate route, required under the California Vehicle Code, will be Temescal Canyon.

On De Palma, the restricted segment is between Horsethief Canyon Road and Indian Truck Trail. The designated alternate will also be Temescal Canyon.

On Seaton, the restricted segment is between Cajalco Road and Markham Street. The designated alternate will be Harvill Avenue.

On Sycamore Canyon, the restricted segment is between Central Avenue and the Riverside city limit. The designated alternate will be Interstate 215.

On Washington, the restricted segment is between Hermosa Drive and Van Buren Boulevard. The designated alternate will be Van Buren.

The cost of installing the regulatory signs will be about $3,000, according to TLMA officials.

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