Eight officers and one civilian employee of the Los Angeles Police Department have tested positive for the coronavirus, the department announced Monday.

All are quarantining at home and recovering, and their workspaces have been sanitized, according to police.

Information about the nine employees was not immediately available, but at least one of the officers was exhibiting symptoms inside the Los Angeles Police Department’s Central Division station for several days last week, according to the department.

The officer, who had recently returned from a vacation out of the country, was “coughing and sweating” during roll call in Central Division, which patrols areas that include downtown Los Angeles, two of the officials said.

Despite protests from several officers in the station, the affected officer was allowed to work for at least two days this week, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The officer was tested for the virus, and a positive result came back Saturday, according to three law enforcement officials. Additional officers who worked with the afflicted patrol officer were expected to be quarantined, officials said.

“The health and safety of our men and women continue to be our top priority and we will make every effort to test individuals experiencing symptoms,” police said in a statement Monday.

On Sunday, The Times reported that the department is expected to switch officers to 12-hour shifts soon and temporarily suspend all vacations to ensure adequate staffing for the crisis. That report cited a law enforcement source who “was unable to speak publicly.”

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