The Seal Beach City Council has approved a three-part plan to reopen the Gum Grove Nature Park and the city’s portion of the San Gabriel River Bicycle Path, officials said Sunday.

In phase one — beginning Monday — the park will resume normal hours from dawn to dusk, Monday through Thursday for active, non-gathering, uses only. Parking lots will reopen at both entrances off Avalon Drive and Seal Beach Blvd at Heron Point.

In phase two, the park will open on weekdays and weekends during daylight hours, and still only for active, non-gathering uses.

In phase three, active and passive use will be permitted.

“Reopening Gum Grove and the bike path are the next steps to Seal Beach returning to normal” Mayor Schelly Sustarsic said. “We are happy to support this plan that allows Seal Beach residents and visitors enjoy our beautiful park and river trail.”

Officials said the Seal Beach Police Department will enforce the times and requirements of the park re-opening plan. Those who violate the order can be cited with a misdemeanor, fined up to $1,000, and/or arrested.

The following activities are still prohibited:

— gatherings of any kind, loitering, sunbathing, or other passive activities;

— blankets, easy-ups, tents, umbrellas, etc.;

— sitting or lying on park grounds;

— setting up chairs and staying in place;

— picnics, coolers, or tables;

No timetable was given for the beginning of the final two phases of the city’s plan.

“This is an adaptive re-opening plan and each phase will be enacted as warranted and on a trial basis,” a city statement said Sunday. “The City will advance to the next phase only if the City Council believes the activities can be managed to comply with the then-current directives regarding social distancing and large gatherings.”

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