Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer has released a consumer alert video warning of what he called an emerging scam connected to COVID-19 contact tracing.

“While thousands of Californians are working legitimately as contact tracers to stop the spread of the virus, scammers are faking it trying to steal money and personal information under the guise of wanting to help,” Feuer said.

“Legitimate contact tracers are working with the California Department of Public Health, and they call, text or email people who might have been exposed to the virus. They’re going to ask questions about symptoms, ask about infection risk, and discuss self-quarantining. They’re connecting people to free, confidential testing regardless of income or immigration status,” Feuer says in the video, released Friday night. “But they never ask for social security numbers, financial information or about health insurance, and they never charge.”

Feuer said the scammers start off talking about the virus, then segue into personal questions and might even send targets a link that will download to their phones and steal their data.

The consumer alert video can be seen at https://vimeo.com/428682590.

Feuer said people who suspect they have been a target of a scam should contact his office at 213-978-8070.

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