A former board member of an Orange County-based charter school district was sentenced Thursday to a year in jail for bilking the district out of $750,000 in what prosecutors called the largest charter school theft in California history when they filed charges in 2014.

Jeremy Landau joined the board of directors of California Virtual Education Partners in May 2013. He asked other board members for $750,000 in district funds the following month, vowing to give the district $3 million in January, prosecutors said.

Instead, Landau moved the money between various accounts and never repaid the district, which is funded by the state.

Landau, who accepted a plea deal from Orange County Superior Court Judge Richard King, was spared more time behind bars because he promised to make $500,000 restitution.

Landau has produced $400,000. King gave Landau credit for 32 days of time behind bars and ordered him to report to jail for the remainder of the sentence by Dec. 4.

Landau, 50, of Sherman Oaks, pleaded guilty Feb. 14 to a dozen felonies, including misappropriation or embezzlement of monies, misappropriation of public funds, grand theft and money laundering, according to court records.

Landau also admitted sentencing enhancements for property damage exceeding $200,000 and aggravated white collar crime exceeding $500,000.

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