The El Monte Police Department announced Tuesday officers will start wearing body cameras to record their interactions with the public in an effort to increase transparency and better investigate complaints.

Officers will be outfitted Wednesday with the LensLock GEN 12 cameras, which capture high resolution photos in addition to video and audio, Lt. Christopher Cano said.

The El Monte Police Department is the latest department to equip its officers with the devices. The decision to do so was finalized in August, when the City Council voted unanimously to approve funding for the cameras, Cano said.

The police department had been researching body cameras for over a year before deciding to purchase them, according to Cano.

City Manager Alma Martinez said body cameras increase “transparency and will assist everyone involved in a police contact to more accurately.”

“The cameras will help us capture a clearer picture of what occurred during a police contact,” and will help during department reviews “for quality control purposes” and in investigating complaints from the public, Martinez said.

Chief David Reynoso said the department began looking into purchasing cameras before the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of police officers, which sparked nationwide protests over police use of force and racial injustices.

“These incidents remind us of the need to maintain public trust and legitimacy in the community we serve,” Reynoso said.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department began supplying deputies with cameras in October, with plans to have all patrol deputies wear them by April 2022.

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