A handgun with its hammer pulled back.
Example of a handgun. This gun was not involved in NFL star robbery. Photo from Pixabay.

Baltimore Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith and his family were robbed at gunpoint after arriving at Los Angeles International Airport this week.

“We are aware of the situation involving Jimmy Smith,” the Ravens said in a statement released Friday. “We have spoken with Jimmy, and he and his family are safe.”

The crime occurred on Tuesday night, according to Jeff Zrebiec a staff writer for The Athletic-Baltimore who covers the NFL team. He reported that Smith and his family were followed from LAX to an unnamed hotel.

According to CBS Baltimore, Smith said in a Facebook post that he and his family were followed 40 miles from the airport to their hotel, where they were robbed by three men.

He called it “one of the scariest nights I’ve been a part of. Just a very scary situation and a reminder that people truly hungry and will do anything in this pandemic. Be careful and always watch your surroundings.”

What city the crime occurred in was unclear. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department said that agency had no report of a crime involving Smith in their jurisdiction.

Smith, a 32-year-old California native, has been with the team since being picked by the Ravens in the 2011 NFL draft.

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