In an effort to protect pedstrians, Indio police officers Friday will be looking out for drivers breaking traffic laws, including those who fail to stop for people at crosswalks.

The enforcement operation will target both drivers and pedestrians in an effort the Indio Police Department attributed to a rise in pedestrian fatalities.

Most recently, 51-year-old Anthony Duran of Indio was killed by a hit-and-run driver while walking in the intersection of Monroe Street and Avenue 42 on Feb. 4.

Police will be out in force Friday ensuring drivers are driving the speed limit, stopping for pedestrians, avoiding illegal turns and obeying other traffic laws.

Additionally, the police department wants to ensure pedestrians are avoiding dangerous situations on their end. Police plan to stop pedestrians who cross the street illegally, those who fail to stop for drivers who have the right of away, and those who are distracted while walking in crosswalks.

Police urged pedestrians to be vigilant by looking for vehicles backing up and by avoiding walking quickly between parked cars. Police also advised pedestrians to wear bright clothing during the day and clothing with reflective materials at night.

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