Three people were arrested Saturday after a fight broke out at a rally downtown.

Police officers responded to a report of an altercation at 11:15 a.m. at First and Spring streets, according to Officer Rosario Cervantes of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Media Relations Section.

“Two suspects took out OC (Oleoresin capsicum, or pepper) spray and bear spray to spray the victims,” Cervantes said. “During the scuffle, one victim set his belongings on the ground, when he looked back someone had taken his belongings.”

Faraz Martin Talab, 26, and Eric Smith, 24, were arrested for suspicion of battery, and Thrashawn Lee, 33, was arrested for suspicion of theft, Cervantes said. They were cited and released, according to sheriff’s inmate records.

“The LAPD wants to remind the public that we are committed to ensuring everyone’s First Amendment right to freedom of speech is protected during peaceful demonstrations, while also acting swiftly on any acts of violence,” she said.

Cervantes said she did not know what the demonstration was about or what groups were involved.

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