A 29-year-old woman on probation was arrested on suspicion of stealing a car, possession of methamphetamine and burglary tools and identity theft, the Glendale Police Department announced Tuesday.

Officers conducted a records check of an unoccupied car in a motel parking lot in the 1500 block of East Colorado Street, near the Glendale (2) Freeway, on Thursday and discovered it was reported stolen, according to Sgt. Christian Hauptmann, the Glendale Police Department’s public information officer.

Police conducted surveillance on the vehicle and saw Lucia Gomez of Los Angeles unlock the driver’s side door and place items into the vehicle, Hauptmann said.

Officers detained Gomez, who informed them she was on probation and admitted to stealing the car because she needed it due to an unspecified emergency, Hauptmann said.

Officers searched the car and discovered a backpack which Gomez said belonged to her, according to Hauptmann.

The backpack contained a credit card belonging to another person and a shaved vehicle key. Officers also discovered a baggie of methamphetamine — which Gomez also said was hers — mail belonging to two people and another shaved key, Hauptmann said.

Gomez was arrested and booked for vehicle theft, identity theft, possessing a controlled substance and possessing burglary tools, Hauptmann said.

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