A man who took part in a protest in the Miracle Mile area in 2020 after the death of George Floyd is suing the city of Los Angeles and numerous LAPD officers, alleging he suffered an injury to his right hand from a police projectile and that he still needs treatment to this day.

Kyle Peterson’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit alleges civil rights violations as well as retaliation, false imprisonment, negligence, battery and failure to train, supervise or discipline. He seeks unspecified compensatory damages against the city and punitive damages against the officers in the suit filed Monday.

A representative for the City Attorney’s Office could not be immediately reached.

Peterson went to the Miracle Mile area and Pan Pacific Park about noon last May 30, five days after Floyd’s death at the hands of then-Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin, the suit states.

He listened to speakers, then at about 2:15 p.m. the demonstrators marched toward Third Street and South Edinburgh Avenue, where more speakers gave presentations, according to the suit.

LAPD officers in the area wearing riot gear, without making a dispersal order, moved the demonstrators into a small area near Third Street and South Fairfax Avenue, preventing the protesters from leaving, the suit states.

“Mr. Peterson was on the front lines … unable to move left, right, forward or backward because of the kettling by LAPD officers,” the suit states.

One officer “shot what is believed to be a 40mm grenade launcher and/or less lethal shotgun at almost point blank range at Mr. Peterson, although he was peaceful, cooperative, non-violent, and had committed no crime,” the suit alleges.

Peterson was hospitalized with a fracture to his right hand and continues to receive medical care for the injury, the suit states.

“At all times during the demonstration, and at the time that (Peterson) was shot, Mr. Peterson did not present an immediate threat of harm, was unarmed, and was a passive peaceful protester,” according to the suit, which includes two color photos of his injured right hand.

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