Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer’s director of community engagement and outreach announced Wednesday he is running for L.A. city controller in the 2022 election.

“I have dedicated the better part of my career to making a difference in service to the public and working with some of our most effective leaders,” Rob Wilcox said. “Now, at this pivotal moment in our city’s history I am ready to seek a new role and a position which is one of the most consequential in L.A. city government.”

“Year after year, we witness our hard-earned tax dollars wasted on a system that doesn’t center our priorities or reflect our values,” Wilcox said. “L.A. city government moves ahead with politics as usual despite the fact that we’re seeing over 40,000 people experiencing homelessness on our streets on any given night. We’re assured that our money is being spent wisely despite the fact that the city wastes millions of dollars on nonstop payouts for gross police misconduct that taxpayers are footing the bill for.”

Wilcox previously served as deputy city controller and chief deputy inspector general under former Los Angeles Controller Laura Chick, who served from 2001 to 2009.

Chick, who endorsed Wilcox’s campaign, said he was her “right hand” during her time as city controller.

“He knows how the controller can effect major changes in the way our government operates, rooting out corruption and stupid spending,” she said, adding that he is “a gutsy truth teller who will open up the city’s books to the light of day and public scrutiny.”

Current City Controller Ron Galperin announced on May 26 that he will run for the county Board of Supervisors seat being vacated next year by Sheila Kuehl. Kuehl, who has held the seat since 2014, indicated that she will not seek re-election to the District 3 seat, which encompasses the bulk of the San Fernando Valley and stretches from Los Feliz to the Ventura County border, and Venice to San Fernando.

Wilcox will face Los Angeles Councilman Paul Koretz, who has served on the Budget and Finance Committee since 2009 and announced in January 2020 that he would run for City Controller in 2022, citing his track record of managing public funds and his efforts to enact government oversight policies.

“I have always been passionate about government efficiency, so we can avoid waste and use city funds exclusively to improve the service city government provides for our residents,” Koretz said. “That’s why I am running for city controller.”

Housing activist Kenneth Mejia, who ran as a Green Party candidate representing central, east and northeast Los Angeles in the U.S. House of Representatives, lost to the Democrat incumbent, Rep. Jimmy Gomez.

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