Sheriff’s deputies will be screening vehicles and looking for intoxicated drivers in Moreno Valley this weekend.

The DUI checkpoint will take place in an undisclosed location in the city beginning at 7 p.m. Saturday and continuing until 3 a.m. Sunday, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Officers will be on the lookout for motorists driving under the influence of any impairing substance, not just alcohol. Marijuana can also lead to a DUI, especially in combination with alcohol or other drugs.

In recent years, California has seen an increase in drug-impaired driving crashes, according to the sheriff’s department.

Checkpoint locations are chosen based on historical data related to DUI crashes and arrests.

Drivers arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can spend time in jail and face up to $13,500 in costs, including fines, fees, classes, license suspensions and other expenses.

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