The Carson City Council will convene a special meeting Monday to consider a resolution declaring the foul odor that has been plaguing residents near the Dominguez Channel a “public nuisance.”

The Los Angeles County Public Works department, fire department, Department of Public Health and the Air Quality Management District have been investigating the odor emanating from the channel at the intersection of South Avalon Boulevard.

Initial indications suggested the odor, which has been emanating for about a week, was the result of organic material along the channel. On Friday, Mayor Lula Davis-Holmes wrote on Facebook that the cause of the odor had been identified as “a hydrogen sulfide leaking pipeline,” but by Sunday, she wrote that the leaking-pipeline theory “has been ruled out,” saying investigators again were focusing on “organic waste material drying out after being exposed during low tide.”

The Public Works department recommended that residents near the Dominguez Channel keep doors and windows closed. Those who experience symptoms related to the odors are advised to contact their medical care provider. AQMD and Public Health officials have said, however, the odor does not pose a threat to public health.

The City Council will convene its special remote meeting at 4:30 p.m. that will be livestreamed on the city’s website, The council will consider a resolution declaring the foul odor a “public nuisance” due to the smell and its “negative impacts on residents living within its close proximity.”

To file an odor complaint or share more information, call 800-CUT-SMOG or 800-288-7664.

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