Hawaiian sunset. Photo via Pixabay.

Two men suspected of a homicide in Hawaii were arrested in Inglewood and Anaheim by Los Angeles Police Department officers, authorities announced Thursday.

Twenty-three-year-old Juan Tejedor Baron, of Honolulu, was arrested by LAPD units in Anaheim just before 5:20 p.m. Wednesday on a Greyhound bus bound for Mexico, according to a police department statement. Thirty-four-year-old Scott Hannon of Billerica, Mass., was arrested the same day about 6:45 p.m. near the intersection of West Manchester Boulevard and South Oak Street in Inglewood.

The two were arrested after authorities discovered a victim’s decomposing body encased in cement in a bathtub at a home in Hawaii Loa Ridge, on Oahu, on Tuesday.

“The victim and one of the suspects were involved in an intimate relationship,” according to the LAPD. “It is alleged that after the murder, the two suspects were living in the victim’s house and on the victim’s money until the neighbors complained about a decaying smell from the victim’s location.”

The victim’s identity and manner of death were not immediately released.

Both men will be booked into the LAPD Metropolitan Detention Center pending extradition hearings to be returned to Oahu to face murder charges.

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