A woman who worked as a county probation officer was acquitted Thursday of criminal charges stemming from the use of pepper spray at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall in Downey.

Jurors deliberated about a half-day before acquitting Marlene Rochelle Wilson, 49, of two misdemeanor counts of assault by a public officer, according to her attorney, Tom Yu, who said he argued that his client’s actions in April 2018 and July 2018 were lawful.

Wilson was among six probation officers who were charged in 2019 in connection with allegations that they used excessive force when using pepper spray and acted unreasonably by delaying the teens from being decontaminated after they were sprayed.

Four of the probation officers — La Cour Harrison, Claudette Reynolds, Maria Asuzena Guerrero and Karnesha Marshall — were acquitted in February 2020.

Charges were dismissed last August against another probation officer, Janeth Vilchez, according to court records.

The Los Angeles County Probation Department refused to comment on the employment status of the six.

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