A Northridge woman accused of falsely claiming her car — which was involved in a high-speed police pursuit with her husband at the wheel — was stolen had her insurance fraud case dismissed in exchange for participating in a diversion program, her attorney said Thursday.

Prosecutors on Wednesday dismissed three felony counts of making false or fraudulent claims against Glory Ghosh, 26.

Her attorney, Christopher McCann, said his client was enrolled in a diversion program. He declined to provide further details.

When Ghosh was charged in 2020, authorities said she filed a claim with Farmers Insurance to try to avoid criminal charges being filed against her husband. She allegedly told the insurance company she was celebrating at a nightclub in Costa Mesa and left with an unidentified man, who stole her 2012 Audi Q5 when she got out of the car.

State Department of Insurance officials said a driver who led California Highway Patrol officers on a Jan. 13, 2019, chase through Orange County in the Audi at speeds exceeding 120 mph was actually her husband. She filed an insurance claim the next day, saying it had been taken from the club’s valet parking lot.

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