A 44-year-old man who threatened acts of violence against coworkers at an Eastvale warehouse was on felony probation Tuesday and expected to begin serving a yearlong jail sentence sometime this month.

Steven Allen Schultz of Apple Valley pleaded guilty Monday to making death threats, as part of a plea agreement with the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office. In exchange for Schultz’s admission, prosecutors dropped three gun-related charges.

Superior Court Judge Gail O’Rane certified the terms of the plea deal and imposed a 24-month term of probation, as well as 12 months in county jail, in accordance with stipulations by the prosecution and defense.

A surrender date for the jail term to commence wasn’t specified. Schultz was out of custody Tuesday.

According to sheriff’s Sgt. Art Mendez, on the afternoon of July 19, the defendant allegedly became hostile with fellow employees at a warehouse in the 5000 block of Goodman Road, just west of Interstate 15.

Mendez said Schultz “made concerning comments of violence,” though the exact remarks were not disclosed, nor was the basis for his hostility.

Patrol deputies were called to the location and initiated an investigation, culminating in a search warrant being obtained and served that night at Schultz’s residence, according to the sergeant.

“Multiple un-serialized firearms, known as `ghost guns,’ were located, along with high-capacity magazines and hundreds of rounds of ammunition,” Mendez said.

Ghost guns can be assembled from kits, often relying on parts derived from 3-D printing.

The guns were confiscated, and the defendant was taken into custody without incident.

He had no documented prior felony convictions in Riverside County.

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